• Nikita Ducarroz Bike Check

    Beatrice November 30, 2020

    Didn’t we just do a bike check with Nikita? Yes… we did.. but that was in the Summer and now we need a winter bike right? KIDDING Nikita. Nikita is 5’4″ and rides left foot forward, check out Nikita’s brand new build below! Frame: Custom Mongoose Frame (20.25” tt, 13.2” cs, 8.6” standover, 11.5” bb, 71º st, 75.5º ht) Forks: Odyssey R25 Bars: Alienation 9s Grips: ODI Longnecks soft Edition…

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  • The Bloom Hats & Shirt SALE

    Angie Marie November 27, 2020


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  • Bike Check with Charlotte Worthington

    Angie Marie November 25, 2020

    Charlotte Worthington’s Bike Check! Check out Charlotte’s set up here Frame: Hyper Indy 20.5 Bars: SNAFU Jackson Stem: SNAFU V2 48mm top load Forks: SNAFU Magical Grips: ODI Cranks: SNAFU Mayweather Pedals: SNAFU Anorexic Seat: SNAFU combo seat Seat Post: SNAFU combo seat Sprocket: Ola 25t Tires: Alienation MAC 2 Rims: G sport & Alienation Spokes: TLC Ti spokes Hubs: Profile Mini Hubs www.hyperbicycles.com

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  • Sophia Foresta to Join Mongoose and USA BMX Foundation

    Beatrice November 23, 2020

    Madison, WI – November 23, 2020 – Mongoose, a brand of Dorel Industries, Inc. has signed Sophia Foresta to join their pro BMX team. In addition to joining team Mongoose, Sophia has accepted the role of Marketing Coordinator at the USA BMX Foundation where she will champion the USA BMX educational programming at schools across the United States. “I am so excited to join the Mongoose/USA BMX Foundation team,” said…

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  • The Bloom BMX Awards 2020

    Beatrice November 22, 2020

    2020 has been quite a rollercoaster of a year, where we started off with a packed schedule of events, races, and competitions, to barely anything and nothing. Despite this though, we still saw riders get creative during this time and new rising talent emerge on social media. Last year we started The Bloom BMX awards, where through your votes, we recognized the female riders who impacted us the most. This…

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