Girls BMX in X Games

GRO and Yeah Zine have teamed up to give a voice to the girls of BMX! It is time for women to have a division in BMX Park at Summer X Games 2013.

X Games began in 1995. In 2003 Women’s Skateboard Street and Vert were added. In 2008 at X Games 14, Women’s Moto X Racing was added to the event. At which time Rick Alessandri, managing director of X Games Franchise, said,

We are committed to expanding the female participation at this world-class event, and the women’s motocross circuit demonstrates unbelievable talent deserving recognition on the X Games stage.”

The women’s BMX riders have unbelievable talent.

I’ve seen the progression of female BMX riders go further than expected, not only riding wise but also popularity wise with riders from all over the world uniting to promote the sport to show that riding bikes isn’t a male only sport. After watching the girls class at Masters last year I’m convinced it’s stronger and more prominent than ever!

- Daniel Dhers, Pro BMX Rider

Athletes From Around The Globe Are Ready 
Nina Buitrago | Peta Shepherd | Angie Marino | Camila Harambour
Bea Ibanez | Alex Gren | Lindsay Hale | Mini Park | Jessica Ausec
Shanice Silva Cruz | Allexia Dejoie | Natalie Noble
Natalie Wade | Danielle Windhausen | Crystal Shepherd

Over the past few years the presence and skills of female BMX riders has seen a positive increase on a global level.

It is extremely important to the BMX community and sport for female riders to have an outlet for their riding to not only show off their talents as athletes, but also to expose the sport to younger generations of up and coming girls in action sports.”

-Fat Tony, Ride BMX Magazine

Media From Around The World Is Waiting
BMXerGirl | Femme BMX | Girls BMX Blog Spot | Girls Riders Organization |LBMX | Mizzi | Shawty On Bike | Girly Legs | Women Of Freestyle | Yeah Zine

I have recently been made aware of a movement to get a girl’s class in this year’s X Games in LA. I strongly support such a movement & think it would really go well in pushing BMX in all levels of talent and attention. It is a important part of the BMX Scene and it’s followers.

I hope that this proposal being put forward is strongly considered & if any info or questions are need please do not hesitate to contact me.


Dylan Ambrose , S& M- Sales / Brand Management

In 2004, 8 girls at Pro level did a demo, no music or announcer. They managed to fill the stands and film a whole segment for Fuel TV. The crowd demanded that they rode more than a 45 minute time slot and were totally confused that the girls weren’t actually competing…

For quite a long time, BMX riding of all types (excluding racing) has been a male-dominated sport. But in recent years, that field has opened up to include a growing, dedicated and progressive group of female athletes on street, park, dirt and even flatland. And many international BMX events, including France’s FISE, Germany’s BMX Masters, the USA’s JoMoPro and Canada’s Toronto BMX Jam, have opened up to include classes for women within the contests, which allows for more exposure of female riders in the competitive realm of BMX.

Unfortunately, female BMX riders are not represented at what many perceive as the largest scale BMX event of the year — the X Games. And it’s my belief that a women’s class should be offered in BMX at the X Games, in the same way that Women’s classes are available in skateboarding at the Games. As evidenced by the female skateboarders that compete in the X Games, when given the platform to compete at X Games, the field of competitors grew quickly. That in turn inspired more women to partake in skateboarding, which has allowed for women skateboarders to turn pro, pursue endorsement deals and inspire more women to engage in action sports overall.

If given the chance to ride X Games, that same rate of growth and inspiration for female BMX riders is surely to follow. And it actually has to a small degree. (Several years go, a women’s park class was featured in BMX at the X Games, and it allowed for the exposure of the top female athletes in BMX, including Nina Buitrago, who went on to be sponsored by DK Bicycles and etnies Footwear.)

The sport of BMX is still growing at an enormous rate, and for the benefit of everyone involved, we should encourage more women to pursue the sport. A women’s BMX class as the X Games would be a great next step to make that happen.
- Brian Tunney, ESPN

Progression is the very essence of BMX, it’s the driving force, it’s the nature of what we’re about and what keeps us moving forward. It consumes our lives to the point of obsession.

In recent years we’ve seen a influx of girls willing to stand shoulder to shoulder with their male peers & share this same passion, pain & commitment to alternative sports such as surfing, skateboarding, snowboarding, motocross & the many forms of auto racing, & rightfully so. They’ve proved they can hold their own, & in some instances, auto racing for example, can even beat the guys & are now, more than ever, getting the recognition they deserve. With this progression & deepening female talent pool throughout the sport, inclusion of female BMX in X Games is the next natural push to round out the female athletes that are competing in other disciplines during the Games currently.

BMX, now more than ever is a platform for young girls & is a growing market to draw inspiration from. The passion, dedication & performance of these girls is worthy of inclusion in all major events here in the US.”
-John Povah, Etnies BMX Team Manager

FISE in Montpellier, France added females this year.

You might have heard a lot about the FISE « International Festival of Extrem Sports » This event is one of the biggest and greatest events organized for Rollerblading, Skateboarding, BMX,Wakeboard and also Mountain bike slopestyle. This year, and for the first time many contests dedicated at 100% to Girls, will be organized at The FISE Montpellier, from 1st to 5th June 2011. To sum it up, the best girl performers will attend this special event, in the heart of Montpellier! Get set, ready and go!!! Come join us to share this awsome athmosphere, crazy skills and tricks!!! Be sure not to miss such an event!

2012 FISE BMX Girls Video

BMX Masters in Cologne includes females.

According to this more and more girls have the heart to show their skills in front of a great audience. More than 20 girls are already registered for the park competition. Times are over when boys just making fun of the girls who ride. Nowadays even the boys have to put up their hands for the girls. And there is nothing to wonder about if you take a look on the girls tricks from 540 variations across tailwhip combos up to backflips.

Want to see how the ladies did? Offline Coverage More Coverage

“Girls bmx is here to stay. We’ve seen a huge growth in the amount of girl bmx athletes over the past 2 years. So much of an increase, that we’re even finding a new sub-culture to market to. With BMX being a lifestyle/action “sport”, I don’t see any reason why there shouldn’t be a girl category in x-games. With that kind of exposure, it would also continue the progression of bmx itself.” -Trevor Gay, Marketing Manager / Designer / TM of DK Bicycle


Please sign our petition !!!

Websites who are supporting this already – ESPN, GrindTV, RollersMag, FatBMX, DigBMX, RideBMX, Mizzi, Magnolia BMX, WomenTalkSports, Niuzer, Cooler Magazine, Spawn BMX, and Transworld Business.

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